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Frequently Asked Questions

Reservations for black hills vacation rentals – Reservations can be made directly with our site or through any of our partner sites to include, Airbnb, VRBO,


Payments – We require 20% down at time of booking and the remaining 80% will be charged 30 days out from the day of check-in.


Age Requirements – We require that the person making the reservation be at least 24 years old and must stay during the entire stay on the property.


Screening Process - Elevation will be calling any guest staying with over 10 people on the reservation to screen the applicant.  This is to ensure that the reservations fall into line with the desires of the homeowner.  We strive to match guests and cabins to ensure that everyone has the best vacation experience possible.


Arrival Process – Once arriving to your cabin you will find your welcome packet to include any special rules or request of the homeowner or property specific items.  You will also find an information packet from Outlaw ATV Rentals if you rented ATVs for your visit.  If you have any questions, please call our 24-hour help line


Check-In and Check-Out Times – Our Check-In Times are 4pm and Check-Out is 10 am.  


Refund Policy – You are entitled to a refund of 80% of the total stay if you cancel more than 30 days out of your check-in date.  The 20% deposit is nonrefundable and will be used to try to book someone else in to your cabin on short notice.  If you feel you have extenuating circumstances reach out to us and we can discuss the situation.  


Damage Deposit – A damage deposit will be collected in the amount of one’s nights rent to cover any damage to the property or extra cleaning that is required.  It is your responsibility to make sure the property is in the same shape as you found it.  If the damage or cleaning is extensive you may be liable for additional charges to your card.


Pets – A vacation home is a very large investment, and our homeowners get to choose if they want pets in their homes.  We respect their decisions and have marked our homes that are pet friendly.  Please do not book a cabin that is not pet friendly and bring your pet.  You will be charged an additional fee if it is found that you did bring a pet to a non-pet friendly home.  If you are staying at one of our great pet friendly homes and choose to bring your pet, please be mindful to clean up messes that your pet makes.  


Smoking – All of our cabins are smoke free.  If there is a smoke smell indoors after check-out you will be charged an additional cleaning fee.  


Hot Tubs – Hot tubs are a mechanical device and although we are one of the only management companies with a certified hot tub technician on staff, we cannot guarantee the hot tub’s operation and will not refund any amount if it does not work. If you experience any problems with the hot tub, call our 24 hour help line and we will work to figure out the issue.  


Fire pits, Fireplaces – South Dakota state law says no outside fires period in a vacation rental.  If you are staying in cabin with a fireplace there will be instructions on how to use the fireplace in your welcome packet.


ATV Rentals – Elevation Property Management has partnered with Outlaw ATV Rentals to deliver ATVs directly to your cabin.  You can go to and reserve your ATV.  Be sure to check the boxes that you are staying in an Elevation Property and that you want it delivered.  On the morning of the rental, you will find the ATV sitting outside ready for a full day of fun.  On the last day of the atv rental we will pick them up after 6 pm.  

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