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A sparkling lake surrounded by pine trees and a clear sky in the Black Hills, South Dakota, provides a breathtaking view.

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Contracted Local Experienced Cleaners


We have contracted with one of the top cleaning companies in the area to service all of our cabins. We have made a commitment that we will know every cleaner that works for them and we have partnered to keep your property as nice as the day you bought it. In property management cleaning services can be over- looked but we contracted our cleaning before we did anything to ensure that we always had the best cleaning service possible in the Blackhills.

Pool and Hot Tub Techs on Staff

Elevation has two pool and hot tub techs on staff that are both accredited through NSPF Certified Pool Spa Operator course. Your hot tub will be checked after every check out to ensure the hot tub is clean and safe. They have the training to fix issues with the hot tub before bacteria can form. If the hot tub has mechanical issues beyond their ability we will have a technician come right out. We are confident that our CPO Techs can handle 90% of the issues that may arise.

In House Maintenance and Construction Member


We have made the commitment to keep your cabin as nice as when you bought it and we can do everything from scheduled maintenance to major maintenance and repair projects. Our in house technicians will be responsible for all scheduled maintenance and we have the ability to use a local contractor that is part of our family for any major projects. With over 40 years in construction there are not many projects that we cannot handle for you.

Realtor on Staff

Elevation is excited to have Connie Williams in our office to facilitate all of your real estate needs. Connie is a licensed real estate broker with the State of South Dakota and is located in our office. Connie brings a strong real estate background with over 30 years as a realtor and can help with small questions all the way to help you buy or sell your next vacation rental property.

ATV Rentals

Elevation Property Management also owns Outlaw ATV Rentals. ATVs in the Blackhills have become a very big local attraction. Outlaw ATV Rentals is also the only company that delivers ATVs directly to our cabins and picks them up. We are doing this as a service but only offering it to the cabins that we manage. We feel that this will be a very large draw to our cabin owners and we are excited to offer it.

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